BSc (Hons) Year 3

You'll continue in your Flight Instructor work placement throughout the year, we will schedule the below courses at any point during the year to suit the overall programme


You'll move from single engine aircraft to twins, taking the controls of one of our high performance aircraft. These are specially selected to mimic the high control loadings you will experience on your type rating course, giving you a solid grounding in the essential skills to keep your passengers safe.

The Instrument Rating enables you to fly the aircraft with sole reference to instruments, this means you will be able to fly in cloud and other circumstances of low visibility. As an airline pilot you will spend the majority of your time working using instruments only, building on the core skills gained here.

You will then go on to complete your Multi Crew Coordination which will enable you to work as part of an effective flight crew. It is a mandatory requirement on your journey to becoming a First Officer, and will be the last course you will take as part of your BSc (Hons)

Airline placement

Following successful completion of all your modules and a total flight time of 1000+ hours you will be scheduled for an assessment with one of our partner airlines. This will allow you to complete the last 2 Middlesex University modules, Airline Orientation and Aircraft Specifics. 

Our Partner airlines offer a starting salary of £34,000+, with type rating costs paid for by the airline. 

Your degree is just the start...

Our students are now working worldwide, we count among our Alumni Chief Pilots, Training and Recruiting Captains, as well as hundreds of Captains and First Officers. We are always here to help you onward with your career using our network of recruitment departments to help find you the right placement for your whole career

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