BSc (Hons) Year 2


You will build on your previous experience to over 100 hours pilot in command hours, flying in one of our fleet of aircraft around Scotland and the UK. You will have a list of airfields to visit but for the most part the aircraft is yours to go out and build experience with.

Commercial Pilots Licence

This is the first professional licence you will hold, so the standard of flying expected is high. You will build on your experience from the previous module, learning to handle higher performance, complex aircraft. Completion of the flight test qualifies you to start the Flight Instructor course

Flight Instructor course

This course consists of 125 hours of ground school and 30 hours of flight training. Our highly experienced instructors will take you through this 6 week course, during which you will learn the essential skills required to teach students both on the ground and in the air. On successful completion of this you will start your work placement with us as a Flight Instructor (subject to approval). This is your first professional aviation job, working in a dynamic training environment with over 200 students per year coming through the doors. 

Into Degree Phase 2

You'll be able to continue in your Flight Instructor position until you leave for an airline. Just bear in mind this is a proper employed position with a very highly regarded Flight Training Organisation, should your standards of flying, safety or customer service fall below that of what you have been taught you may be removed from your work placement which may make it impossible to finish the course. 

Now we move into Phase 2, where you will complete your training towards joining an airline

To Phase 2