BSc (Hons) with full fATPL

Following successful completion of our assessment process you will start your training with us by sitting your ATPL theory examinations. You will have the option of attending full time training at Tayside Aviation Dundee or attending via distance learning. On both options you will have up to a year to complete your ATPL's to an airline acceptable standard (85%+ overall)

With all 14 exams passed you will then start our structured hoursbuilding programme. This allows you to gain the 125 Pilot in Command hours required to complete your Commercial Pilots Licence along with guidance from our senior instructors. This structured programme will encourage you to work on your airmanship and hands on flying skills as well as completing several naviagation exercises

With 125 PIC hours complete you will then start your Commercial Pilots Licence training, following which you will train as a Flight Instructor, this enables you to start your work placement with us.

Once you have sufficient hours to start with our partner airlines we will finish your programme with your Multi Engine, Instrument Rating and Multi Crew Coordination course. 

Following successful completion of your training we will schedule an interview with one of our partner airlines. There are no guarantees on you gaining a position with one of these airlines, however our training is tailored to their requirements with 100% of our graduates placed.

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