Basic Flight Training

This 6 month course includes all training to get you started towards your goal of working in the aviation industry. After passing selection and assessment you will start on one of our 4 entry points. These are January, April, July and October.

You will start your training with your first flight in a light aircraft, learning how to control a complicated machine in 3 dimensional space. You'll then begin studying towards your 7 PPL theory exams under the guidance of our experienced staff. As you gain experience you will be sent for your first solo flight, a memorable day in any pilots career. We will then work on your navigation skills, enabling you to travel further from our base on your own, before getting you prepared for your Private Pilot Licence skills test.

The Private Pilot Licence is just the beginning, you will also learn how to fly at night and experience the challenge of flying using instruments only. At the end of this phase we will do a final assessment of all the skills you have learned before sending you off to build some flight experience on your own.

Basic Flight Training course overview

Private Pilot Licence

Take to the skies and benefit from our 50 years of experience teaching Private Pilots. Your instructors will be a mix of degree students with our full-time professional Flight Instructors, all with CAA and MOD approval.

We'll also teach you the basic maths and physics skills all pilots need.

Night Rating

Flying at night is both challenging and rewarding, you'll gain top level flight and navigation skills which you will use throughout your career

Instrument Rating (Restricted)

Learn the basics of flying while making sole reference to instruments.

On to ATPL theory

Following successful completion of Initial Flight Training you will proceed directly into the next available ATPL theory course.

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